'100 Club'

The Friends of Crowborough District Citizens Advice Bureau's 100 Club, has so far produced well over £1,000 towards its funds, which are used exclusively to support the bureau in Crowborough, and is a simple and painless way, of providing a regular income.

How the '100 Club' works

Shortly after recieving your application form together with your cheque, for £12.00 annual subscription you will be allocated your own 'Lucky Number', which becomes yours permanently, all the time you continue to renew your membership.

On two occassions during the year, (usually at the bureau's A.G.M. and in December, just in time for christmas) your number will be entered in the draw. If your number is drawn, you will be sent your prize money.

The amount of prize money will depend on the number of people, with current paid up membership.

Subscriptions are divided, so that 50% goes to the Friends, and 50% is used for the prizes, e.g. if 100 people are members for the current year, this means that £600 is available, to help fund the bureau and the remaining £600, is for 2 lots of annual prize money of £300 each.